Collection: Nest Designs

At Nest Designs, we take the time to enjoy and acknowledge the little things. We make an effort to stay ever present for all the little moments and focus on the small aspects of our lives, including our business. From the tiny details of our designs to the simple, everyday moments with your little bubs—they all matter to us.

So many of us keep looking to the future and anticipating the big milestones. Your baby’s first steps and first words are unforgettable. We love these milestones so much. It feels like all of your baby’s firsts happen so quickly; that’s why we think it’s important to slow down and live each moment to the fullest and savour every day.

Take an extra moment to notice how your little one’s cheeks turn pink after playing outside in cool weather. Or how loud they laugh when they pet a dog. Or that special smile they give only you when they wake up in the morning. There are so many beautiful moments to catch in each day. Cheers to all these beautiful, little moments!