Collection: Comotomo

It all began with a simple question… ‘Why?’

The world continues to change right before our eyes, but we saw that baby bottles weren’t keeping up with the times. We decided to say “no” to the status quo and designed something completely from scratch. So instead of plastic, we went with a safer, non-toxic silicone material that offers a soft, skin-like texture. Rather than compromising to the conventional long-neck design, we opted for a truly wide-neck opening so that you can easily clean the bottles by hand. When we discovered about the pains of bottle rejection issues, we set out to design something that most closely mimic breastfeeding to eliminate ‘nipple confusion’. And when we learned about colic and the difficulty in cleaning out the vent tubes, we made a vent system that simply works and is completely hassle free. We truly think that this is quite simply the most evolved baby bottle out there. Also, if you’ve actually scrolled all the way down here to read this, thanks a bunch!