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Towel Bamboo Soft -Kid

Towel Bamboo Soft -Kid

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Bath towel - Bamboo Soft is a must-have item in every parent's home. Perfectly made, delicate and extremely absorbent - it will work perfectly in everyday baths, but also on the beach or in the pool.

It has a practical, deep cap finished with a soft pompom and a colourful application with one of the most popular characters of La Millou. It suits both small and larger children.

It consists of two layers - the inner is a high-quality bamboo yarn: delicate, pleasant to the skin, has thermoregulatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Inner layer absorbs water by 60% more than cotton, absorbs unpleasant odours and releases them only when washing in water. The outside of the towel is a delicate plush, fluffy and pleasant to the touch.

All of our towels are handmade in Turkey, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, with attention to detail and using the best quality materials. They are characterized by incredible softness, absorbency and durability of colours. Refinements and applications have been made in Poland.

The fabrics have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 quality certificate. It is recommended to wash before first use in accordance with the washing rules on the label.

For each towel, you can choose a set of bathrobes from our bathing line of products (also available in two sizes).

Size: 27.5in x 53in
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