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Sleeping Pig Pillow - Velvet

Sleeping Pig Pillow - Velvet

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I'll believe it when pigs fly! Oh boy, you're in trouble today because anything is possible in dreamland. 

Delicate and flat, the Sleepy Pig is a perfect first-ever pillow.

Ideal for bed. It can also be used for naps in a crib. Skillfully filled: fairly flat, but soft and comfortable under the head. The piggy's ears and fun, curled tail are a cuddle-magnet. Patterned with all our popular designs. A walk with our pig will provide a good night's sleep for your child and a little time for mommy...

The product is hand-sewn with utmost precision, using best quality materials. It is packaged and shipped inside a branded linen bag and decorated with a cute heart tag. It will be a stylish, original gift for a baby shower, birthday, or any other pleasant occasion.

Size: 12 x 13 in, (+/- 1 in)
Manufactured and designed in Europe.

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